Mindhelper.dk was launched in September 2016 and is today one of Denmark’s largest sites for young people about mental health. The project is rooted in The Five Regions of Denmark: Capital Region of Denmark, Central Denmark Region, Region Zealand, Region of Southern Denmark and The North Denmark Region.

The main purpose of Mindhelper

Mindhelper was created in order to prevent the poor development in the mental well-being of young people in Denmark.

We have two main purposes at Mindhelper: First of all, we want to help young people who are having a hard time and we want to do it early, before their problems become too extensive. Secondly, we want to contribute to strengthening the general mental health in Denmark among young people.

Feel free to watch our Mindhelper-video with English subtitles:

What does Mindhelper offer young people?

Mindhelper is a large site for young people about everything from love and loneliness to depression and anxiety. At Mindhelper you can find a wide selection of knowledge and advice in order to deal with personal problems and take care of yourself. All together anonymously.

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The content on Mindhelper

Our content is created through videos, articles, interviews and more. The content can be divided into four main categories:

Knowledge about mental health

Mindhelper contains articles, videos, and interviews on everything from love to loneliness, depression and anxiety.

Advice on dealing with problems

Mindhelper provides young people with ideas and tools to deal with many different types of problems.

Personal help in our online letterbox

Mindhelpers online letterbox is always open for young people who need good advice from a professional.

Guidance in order to find more help

Far from all problems can be solved digitally. Therefore, Mindhelper guides young people to places where they can get further help.